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About Aaron

Aaron Drozdowicz, Senior Photographer and son-in-law of Kim Koluch, is based out of Lambertville, MI, with his wife Natalie and their daughters, Eve, Naomi, Adah and soon-to-be little brother Samuel. He started learning photography with his Aunt's fully manual Nikon FG-20 that she gave to him at the age of 15. His passion for photography has grown from there and he seeks to capture the beauty, wonder and humor that exists in the world.

His eyes are always drawn to the unique aspects and intricate details of a subject and he strives to portray things in a way that might be missed by others. In addition to weddings, his favorite subjects are his daughters, children, nature, and architecture.

Five intriguing facts about Aaron:

-Aaron is an accomplished cook and is very much at home in the kitchen.

-He could recognize 30+ different bird species by the time he was in preschool.

-He has a degree in Wildlife Management and loves any activity in the woods or on the water.

-Aaron can recognize any flavor of Jelly Belly Jelly Bean strictly by appearance with a 98% accuracy rate

-He has watched too many Rifftrax and MST3K episodes and now provides movie commentary much to his wife's dismay.